I’m Premjith Narayanan  (Prem)

Though an Engineer by profession I take photography quite passionately. Twenty six years ago I took to the camera with a quest to capture what captures me. There has not been a single day of boredom in life just because of what meets my eye and what meets my camera.

My interests in photography are varied and I have traveled far and wide to capture the natural wonders and beautiful landscapes. Apart from the nocturnal scenes of popular places around the world and the heavenly spectacle ‘Aurora Borealis’,  I’m also into  photographying challenging sports like the Formula-1 race, the Ski race, Sailing, Ice Polo, Air shows..

Recently I have got drawn towards aerial photography and traveled to Swiss Alps in a swift  ‘Piper Archer-II’ plane to capture my own bird eye views of the world.

Welcome to my world of light and dreams.

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I’m Jathin Premjith  (Jathin)

Been interested in Photography when I was a child. Started my first attempt with Formula-1 at the age of 12. Then shifted to  Astrophotography and then on to Wildlife. I Like to travel a lot and did lot of shoots along with my dad. Like to experiment in challenging situations.

Some of my most memorable ones were the Arctic shoots in Finland and Norway to capture the ‘Aurora Borealis’ (Northern Lights), chasing the Whales in the Norwegian sea in a small Dinghy boat north of Iceland, exploring the ‘Beatus Caves’ in Switzerland and photographing the Insides of the ‘Thrihnukagigur’ volcano in Iceland.

This incessant passion blessed me with the coveted ‘Young Astronomy Photographer of the Year’ award 4 times in a row  from 2009 till 2012 – a competition organised by BBC & Royal Observatory, London.

My recent success was in the photo competition organised by the “Inside the Volcano” group in Iceland where I was declared the winner for my wide angle photo of the volcano from the insides. This was my trip using the  Canon’s flagship camera EOS 1Dx.